Electrical Engineering of Wind Energy Systems


The diploma course in Scientifically Oriented Fundamentals of Wind Energy Systems (SOF) provides the basic knowledge required to understand the principles behind the economically and ecologically efficient transformation of wind energy. It further provides knowledge about how to design new wind turbines or components of wind turbines beyond the state of the art in wind engineering. In addition to improving basic engineering knowledge, this diploma course also serves as a basis for studying more technically or methodologically oriented diploma courses and for studying the complete online M.Sc. program in Wind Energy Systems.



We recommend to study the diploma course 'Electrical Engineering of Wind Energy Systems' to engineers who want to work for manufacturers that deal with the design of the electrical system of a wind turbine or who would like to work for consultant company that deals with the operation and maintenance of wind farms. Participants of this diploma course learn to analyze requirements for grid connections from wind farms to the electricity grid and to design the internal wind farm grid. Further, they learn how to conduct all the necessary grid compatibility studies and prepare an optimized and economical grid connection plan as a consultant.

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Bild von Alexandra Bukvic-Schäfer
Dr.-Ing. Alexandra S. Bukvic-Schäfer
Diploma Course Director