Wind Industry Developments

The wind industry worldwide is still on the rise. In the record-breaking year 2020, the wind market put almost 100 gigawatts of new systems into operation. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the worldwide installations increased by 59% compared to the previous year (Windindustrie in Deutschland 2020). Our aim at is  to further promote these positive developments by qualifying engineers and natural scientists to support the expansion of wind power with their own work  The content from the total of 26 modules in our master´s program is intended to open-up excellent perspectives in professional life for our students and to stimulate the labor market in order to promote the development of more efficient wind turbines by providing additional specialist engineering staff everywhere in the world.

Qualification Earned by our Master Program

The specialization modules of our master were created to acquire and practice action-oriented knowledge in the areas of electrical engineering, fluid and solid mechanics, design and simulation processes. Further, they impart knowledge about development and practice-oriented in-depth engagement in the areas of electrical systems relevant for wind turbines as well as simulation and structure technology. The learning outcomes enable our students to participate in the evolution of wind turbine components at a wind turbine manufacturer or supplier.

The art of planning wind farm projects, which is highly important for a wind farm operator or project developer, is being taught in our non-technical subjects. This includes modules on planning and construction of wind turbines, project management or law and contracts. This combination of non-technical and technical modules makes our program unique.

Construction work on a rotor blade

Career in the Wind Industry

Some of our students are already working in the wind industry at companies such as

  • Vestas
  • Nordex
  • Enercon
  • General Electric
  • Siemens Windpower

They are involved in the development of wind turbines as well as the planning of wind farms. Other students intend to use their newly gained expertise to switch into the wind industry. We support them with our network of lecturers from Fraunhofer and the Industry.

View from above onto a wind turbine construction site

Start Your Career as a Researcher or Doctorate After Graduation

The successful completion of the Online M.Sc. Wind Energy Systems, which has a strong scientific orientation, qualifies graduates   to work in the world of research. Our scientific cooperation with Fraunhofer offers our students the opportunity to work on industry-related research projects. Our master's program further qualifies our alumni to start a doctoral thesis anywhere in the world. The formal requirements for such a doctoral thesis are being met by the 120-credit master's degree.