What You Need to Know Before Applying to the REMENA Master Program

REMENA is a postgraduate Master program and, therefore, obliged legally to finance itself purely by the tuition fees of the students.

The costs to be covered for the whole program by each student are

  • ~5,000 Euro on an average per semester for living costs and registration fees depending on the individual way of living, price levels etc.
  • 10,000 Euro tuition fees (4 installments of 2,500 Euro per semester).

In case you cannot cover the full costs of at least 30,000 € resulting from the list above you may apply for individual scholarship opportunities at the following websites:

Please find a detailed payment schedule for the REMENA Master program (when do you have to pay for what) below.

REMENA Payment Schedule

Payment Schedule REMENA
Payment Schedule REMENA

Please note that tuition fee payments have to be effected before May 15 for summer semester and before November 15 for winter semester. In case tuition fee payments are effected later without valid reason students will not be allowed to register again for the following semester!

Possible Ways to Cover the Required Expenses

The complete expenses of the program (including accomodation, service fees, food, health insurance, public transport etc.) for four semesters amount to about 30,000 Euro at least. Clearly, the exact sum depends on the individual way of living, price levels etc.

It is important that you are able to cover these expenses. German foreign authorities do not grant student visa without proof of sufficient financial means. The proof may be provided by ONE of the following:

  • disclosure of parents income and assets or
  • a binding declaration of the parents to the German consular representative or the corresponding office that they will pay the expenses of the student or
  • the placement of a deposit in a blocked bank account in Germany in the amount of 11,208 Euro or
  • a proof of a scholarship or
  • the annually renewed placement of a bank letter of guarantee with a bank in Germany.

Furthermore, you must show evidence that you have a health insurance to cover corresponding expenses in Germany.

REMENA studies are very intensive, we strongly advise you NOT to take any jobs during the program. There is, however, a way to earn money, namely by finding a job as a so-called studying assistant in a lab where you typically work in a field related to projects within the REMENA Master program. In principle, it is also possible to find work outside the university. With student visa you are permitted to work 120 full days or 240 half-days per year.