Autonomous Wind Energy Production and Supply


The importance of wind energy is increasing in Africa, in the Middle East region and also in other countries with green decentralised energy demand. According to an estimate from the Global Wind Energy Council, 10.7 GW of wind power are due to be installed in African and Middle East countries between 2020 and 2024, which represents a 167% increase. Leading countries in this respect are Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia and Jordan. The purpose of this diploma course is to support this development through targeted capacity building. The AWE Diploma of Advanced Studies "Autonomous Wind Energy Production and Supply" is therefore aimed at students from the above mentioned regions and those with a demand for decentralized green energy who wish to further promote the expansion of wind energy in their home country.



Type of program

Part-time online diploma course

Final degree

Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)



Standard period of study

2 semesters

Total credits


Program start

Every semester

Tuition fees

EUR 6.000,-

It is also possible to only participate in selective courses. A course with 6 Credit Points costs EUR 1.200,-; a course with 3 Credit Points EUR 600,-. For individual books please contact the management team.


In the AWE 30 credits diploma course, students will acquire key knowledge of the mechanical and electronic components of wind turbines and become familiar with the fundamentals of fluid and solid mechanics. The modelling of flows in wind energy systems will also be an essential part of their training. In addition, the AWE diploma course will provide insight on major technical challenges in wind turbines control systems. In order for students to be able to use reliability data for maintenance optimization, different approaches to data collection and analysis will be taught. Based on the needs of countries with an instable electricity supply, an overview of the general aspects of grid integration will be given, including the structure and function of electrical distribution and transmission grids. Furthermore, students will gain an understanding of the requirements of energy storage in energy systems. These technical aspects are supplemented by learning contents that address economic and planning aspects for the construction of a wind turbine or a wind farm.

Diploma Course Modules

Autonomous Wind Energy

Other modules can also be attended as part of the AWE diploma course. If you wish to attend other modules, advice is provided for this by the course managers. You can find a selection of modules here:


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Detlef Kuhl
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Detlef Kuhl