Re­ne­wa­ble En­er­gy and En­er­gy Ef­fi­ci­en­cy for the Midd­le East and North Af­ri­ca Re­gi­on (RE­ME­NA)

The REMENA Master program is directed to young professionals with work experience and a high motivation to contribute to introducing a sustainable energy supply and to the development in the Arab region in general, which includes a keen interest in the other culture and language.

Sustainable energy supply will remain the most crucial challenge of the Arab region for the coming decades. For bilateral projects, there is a need for energy experts being familiar with the culture, language, and politics of both sides. The objective of the interdisciplinary and application-oriented Master program is to train more and better qualified people to help implement standards in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency - RE&EE - in the energy sector as one of the main priorities of German-Arab bilateral cooperation programs. While the program contents focus on the cooperation between countries in the MENA region and Germany, applicants can be accepted for the REMENA program independently of their nationality.

Three universities – the University of Kassel, Germany, Cairo University, Egypt, and the University of Monastir, Tunisia – in cooperation with institutions and companies in the renewable energy sector have combined their expertise to design an attractive Master program to guarantee an excellent education for young experts to meet the challenges of sustainable energy supply and renewable energy and energy efficiency topics. The program is currently being extended further to diversify the study contents. An even broader range of topics is offered by REMENA University Network (RUN) partners for optional exchange semesters including the University of Sfax (US) and the German University in Cairo (GUC).