Your Doubts and Our Answers

The application process is too difficult.

Write us an e-mail and we will answer you within 48 hours (except weekends). Individual online-consultation meetings can be arranged, in case your wish for it.

Will it be worth the hustle and the money?

Check out the career opportunities that you have after finishing the Online M.Sc. Wind Energy Systems. If you want to work as an engineer in the wind industry, the investment will pay off!

Will I receive support when I experience troubles with a course or lecturer?

Yes definitely, the team is there for you! Please contact us in case you experience troubles and we try to find a solution all together.

What will happen when I run out of money?

You can take a pause at any time and re-matriculate at a later point again. You will not have to go through the application process again.

I need to quit the program and will have paid money without receiving an outcome.

Depending on the modules that you have successfully passed by that point, we can issue one of our seven certificates to you. Check out which these are here. This is only possible in case you have studied for more than two semesters. Find out more about our certificates here.