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International Winter University Kassel

International Winter University Kassel

The Winter Course in the Heart of Europe

The International Winter University at Kassel is being held every year during winter season. The winter school offers specially created modules, focusing on the main issues of the current globalization trends. 

  • Environmental Engineering
    Key topics: Wind energy, low energy housing, photovoltaics, solar thermal technology, renewable energy from biogas and wastewater, hydro power
  • German Cultural Studies
    Key topics: The "age of Goethe" (Goethe-Zeit), the end of the 19th century (Nietzsche), the revolutionary art movement (Bauhaus and Expressionism)
  • E-Cars - Technical Solutions & Marketing Approaches
    Key topics: Development process of components and prototypes, marketing situation, strategies for mobility markets

The academic program is combined with an intensive German language course offered at different levels. The class concept has been designed to teach German in the most effective way: It combines lectures of highly competent teachers with practical exercises in everyday German life – the best way to directly experience a new language. 

In addition the program includes several leisure time activities, such as workshops, as well as an excursions to Berlin. Students will be accommodated at a host family throughout their stay. Due to the diverse and exciting structure of academic seminars and highly realistic cultural modules the program guarantees a broad and realistic impression of Germany and daily life in modern German society. 

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