Documenta Inside Arts

Summer Course in the Documenta City


The international Documenta Inside Arts program in Kassel is a unique short term education program specially dedicated to students interested in arts. The participants take a specifically created seminar class and will experience the benefits of studying in another country. The Inside Arts program focusses on academic education, while also creating an environment that encourages learning in and about another culture, both through activities and well chosen lectures.

Students are able to gain useful insights in the offered fields of study and improve their intercultural communication skills in an international learning environment.

The university program is combined with several leisure time activities, such as workshops and excursions. Kassel's location in central Germany makes other destinations in Germany and Europe easily reachable within a few hours. A special excursion to Berlin is included in the program.

In addition, students will be accommodated at a host family for the time of their stay. Due to this structure the program guarantees a broad and realistic impression of German culture, historical heritage and daily life in modern society.

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