Short term programs

In addition to the master programs the University of Kassel and the UNIKIMS organizes the programs as one of its internationalization strategies. The short term programs are held during the summer and winter season by the University of Kassel every year. 

Both programs of the International Summer and Winter University (ISU/IWU) are designed for university students as well as researchers and professionals who want to learn more about German and European perspectives in Environmental Sciences and German Language & Culture. Environmental science has been one of the strengths of Uni Kassel since its foundation in 1971. ISU and IWU Kassel are now overseen by Uni Kassel’s International Study Center and share the motto: “Sustainable Environment Cultural Heritage Student Potential – WE CARE”. The theme “sustainability” does not only cover the academic content, but also the program design which encourages continuous learning within and outside classrooms.