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An interdisciplinary team of teachers

The participating teachers have a high level of interdisciplinarity.

The University of Kassel, which contributes to the Master's program with professors from the departments of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as natural sciences and mathematics, has a long research history in the fundamentals, modeling and simulation and structural technology of wind energy systems. Research topics include mathematics, continuum fluid and solid mechanics, structural mechanics, aerodynamics, geotechnics, experimental and computational solid and fluid mechanics, and technological concepts for foundations, rotor blades and wind turbine towers.

The lecturers from Fraunhofer IWES are pioneers and leading experts on the energy system technology of wind turbines with a great deal of experience in research and industrial applications. As a member of important wind energy research associations (including DERlab, EUREC, EERA, EAWE), Fraunhofer IWES has an exceptional level of wind energy expertise. This enables the master graduates a seamless continuity qualification in the field of wind energy systems at an internationally recognized level.

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