Tuition Fee Scholarships offered by UNIKIMS for new certificate students

The UNIKIMS Management School offers scholarships for new students who apply for a certificate starting in October 2021. The scholarships are in the form of a tuition fee reduction worth 1,200 Euros. Therewith, the tuition fee is reduced from 6,000 to 4,800 Euros in total.

No need to apply for the scholarship

Eligible students will be automatically considered. Eligibility is based on outstanding academic and professional achievement, indicated by submitted documents with the application for a wind energy systems certificate.

Receiving the scholarship

Once your qualifications for the certificate studies have been verified by the management team and UNIKIMS, your eligibility will be assessed. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will receive confirmation via e-mail.

Scholarship conditions

All scholarships apply to a 2021 entry only. If you are offered a scholarship and then choose to defer your place to a later semester, the offer of the scholarship will be withdrawn.

If you are awarded a scholarship, you must

  • enroll as a new wind energy systems certificate student by the given start date in 2021, as specified in your confirmation email.
  • pay the outstanding tuition fees of 4,800 Euros by university deadlines. It is possible to pay it in installments every semester:
    • 2 semesters: 2,400 Euros each.