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Join our VASP Kassel 2021, gain new knowledge and earn a certificate and credits!

Date: June 21 - July 16, 2021

Virtual International Summer University Kassel 2021

Virtual International Summer University Kassel 2021


The International Summer University in Kassel is held every year in the summer time. It offers seminars related to Environmental Engineering and German Culture and is designed for international students and graduates. As a participant at the International Summer University you can choose one module and combine it with the German language course. All seminars will be taught mainly by faculty members of the University of Kassel from the respective disciplines.

Due to current COVID-19 pandemic, the International Summer University (ISU) Kassel 2021 will not be held on campus. However, we are delighted to offer you our Hessen Virtual Academic Short Term Programs (Hessen: VASP), which will take place from June 21 to July 16, 2021, allowing everyone who wishes to participate in our program but cannot travel to Kassel the opportunity to gain new knowledge and earn credits. Using Adobe Connect, some seminars will be offered in two different time frames, enabling the participants from different continents to opt the most suitable time to join the seminar.

The Hessen: VASP Kassel 2021 offers seminars in Environmental Engineering - Renewable Energies, Intercultural Communication, and an intensive German Language Course. Previous knowledge in the field can be useful, however the admission to the program is not restricted to students or graduates of a same or similar subject.

DOWNLOAD: Hessen: VASP Kassel 2021 FLYER

If you are a student from the University of Massachusetts system, the University of Wisconsin system, and participating universities in Queensland you will participate as exchange students and will not pay fees directly to VASP Kassel. Please contact your study abroad advisor for more information on how and when to apply.


Environmental Engineering - Renewable Energies
2 ECTS credits

The seminar takes a closer look at Renewable Energy Sources embedded in the German Energy System Transformation ‘Energiewende’ from a German and European Perspective

Wind Energy

The wind energy class starts with a short introduction into history and development of wind turbines. Furthermore the lecture will cover topics concerning wind turbines such as the basics of wind energy physics, technical and economic issues. The installation, operation and maintenance of wind turbines will be taught along with facts about onshore and offshore wind farms and their pros and cons.



The lecture deals with basic principles of solar cells and components of PV-systems for different applications. The development of grid connected systems in Germany is discussed – large systems and building integrated systems - as well as PV-applications for rural electrification.


Solar Thermal Technology

Solar thermal systems cover the basics of sky geometry and solar radiation. Different types of solar collectors will be introduced and explained in detail. Applications like small & large scale systems and solar water storages are part of the class.


GIS as a Linkage Tool

Geographic Information System (GIS) provides the basic structure and architecture for regional and urban planning systems and allows multi-level access. Modern GIS is used as a linkage and communication tool between the potential estimation of renewable energy and modern planning processes.


Hydro Power

The hydro power class consists of topics like technological basics of hydro power and different types of water turbines. Hydro power and hydromorphological requirements as a tool to evaluate the energetic and economic impacts of hydropower in Germany will be taught.



A tutorial will summarize and review the content of the lectures with the students and clarify remaining questions as well as prepare the participants for the exam.


Lecturers (tbc):

  • Dr.-Ing. René Burghardt, University of Kassel
  • Dr.-Ing. Klaus Träbing, University of Kassel
  • Dr.-Ing. Janybek Orozaliev, University of Kassel
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. O. Reul, University of Kassel
  • Michael von Bonin, Fraunhofer IEE Kassel


Participant Ratings

Ratings for the Content of the IWU Engineering Module Rating for the Lecturer of the IWU Engineering Module
Rating for the Overall Quality of the IWU Engineering Module Participants Comments for the IWU Engineering Module



Intercultural Communication
2 ECTS credits

Intercultural communication skills belong to the key competences for successfully navigating cultural differences in a globalized world. On the basis of various intercultural and communication theories, this course will examine the influence of culture on the communication process. It is designed to increase students` awareness of their own cultural backgrounds and communication style and enhance their cross-cultural awareness and communicative competence.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be acquainted with recent theories of culture and communication
  • Students will understand how culture affects the communication process
  • Students will apply theory in case studies, online role plays and simulations



Dr. Cosima Meyer, PhD in Geography/Sociology (University of Mainz, Germany). She has many years of teaching experience in Germany and abroad. She teaches courses such as Intercultural Engineering, Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Leadership at different German Universities and Hochschulen (Fulda, Kassel, Pforzheim).

Email: cosima.pm@intercultural-relations.de


Participant ratings

Rating for the Overall Quality of the Intercultural Communication


German Language Course
2 ECTS credits

German after English

The course gives an introduction into the German language for students whose mother tongue is English or who speak English as a first foreign language. „DaFnE“ (German abbreviation: Deutsch als Fremdsprache nach Englisch – German after English) is an approach for teaching German as a third language to students who have already learned English. This methodology is gaining popularity worldwide. Referring to the participants’ knowledge of English and using the positive transfer between the two languages, the course will give an insight into the German language especially in conversational situations.

Our experienced teachers are carefully selected. They are especially qualified for teaching German as a foreign language.


participant ratings

Rating for the Content of the IWU German Class Rating for the Teacher of the IWU German Class


Comments for the IWU German Class





Hessen: VASP Kassel 2021 Daily Schedule

The preliminary schedule for the Hessen: VASP Kassel 2021 can be downloaded here: Hessen: VASP Kassel 2021 Schedule

Please allow some minor changes in the schedule.

Feel free to use the time zone converter below to check the schedule in your local time



DATE + tuition fee

The Hessen: VASP Kassel 2021 will be held from June 21 - July 16, 2021 and the fee is 1200 EUR
Application Deadline: May 15, 2021
Scholarship Deadline: May 1, 2021

 The fee includes:

-       Three academic courses incl. Intensive German Language Course

-       Technical student support with Adobe Connect during every seminar

-       Student Support via e-mail

-       Tutorial for the Engineering Course

-       Academic Transcript and, if required, a certificate of participation


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