Alex, University of Wisconsin (USA):

The International Winter University Kassel was simply excellent. I thought about going to Frankfurt for 6 months to study finance, but then voted for Kassel instead. I didn’t regret that decision! At the IWU I chose the cultural module as well as the German language course for advanced speakers. I arrived in Berlin, where I liked it best – probably because it was my very first impression of Germany. I enjoyed it a lot, because suddenly you are just there! During my stay I travelled to Frankfurt, Munich and Weimar, too. Everything in Kassel was so supporting, especially for learning German. German pupils and students are taught to adopt a global perspective by learning 2 or 3 different languages. Therefore Germany is perfectly ready for the globalized world. I hope one day I will be able to live in Germany, too!


Hartej, University of Maryland (USA):

The IWU Kassel showed me the great diversity of German engineering. In 2 weeks we learned about 8 engineering topics. In contrast to the US, German science is a lot more diversified. Especially green energy interested me a lot. From my host family’s house I have seen many wind power plants. I would really love to work here and will absolutely return!

Stephanie, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (USA):

I heard about the IWU from my roommate at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, who spent her stay in Germany at the University of Fulda in January 2017. Europe and Germany have many stories to tell, and after I have seen it all by my self, I gained a completely new perspective. Though I was also surprised about the differences in daily life. For instance tab water is not free in restaurants and guests are allowed to bring their dogs, that was quite a surprise for me. I will definitively return back to Germany.


James, University of Queensland (Australia):

It was really nice at the IWU and in Germany. The university standards in engineering are similar in Australia and Germany, but Australian renewable energy technology is far less developed than the German. Our visit at Vliessmann, a high quality producer for heating systems, showed the big support for green energy here. One day I will come back to Germany.

For further impressions and interviews please view the testimonial page of the International Summer University Kassel.

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