Of course, our advanced education program can't subsitute real cultural experiences, which are a highly important part of every exchange program. Therefore the International Summer University Kassel offers a choice of workshops which you can attend during your stay. Each course focuses on a different field of interest and will be held in English.

You may choose one of the following workshops, which is included in your fee:

German Cooking

Germany is internationally renowned for the bratwurst, for pretzels and for beer. But that is not all, the local cuisine has a lot more to offer! So dive deep into the heart and soul of the German Traditions. Nothing captures the personality of a people better than what and the way they eat. The class will meet in an evening to cook up some tasty German recipes and treats.Take your favourite recipes with you and show your friends and family back home the most delicious souvenirs of yours.
German Folk Dance

Come and enjoy yourself in our folk dance! Germany has many different regions – each having preserved its own cultural identity. Traditional folk dance is obviously an important part of this heritage. So why do you not join the workshop and experience it yourself. A local folk dance group from Kassel will be invited to show you their best moves. 

Soccer Workshop

Soccer is one of the most popular sports worldwide. But in Germany soccer is not only played, it is celebrated and adored! Over 3.5 million Germans play soccer in more than 26.000 amateur clubs in their spare time. Every season 12 million viewers watch matches of the Bundesliga, the main German soccer league, and the national team has already won the world cup for the fourth time!
So, why are Germans so crazy about soccer? Well, that's what the workshop will be all about! If you want to learn more about this essential part of German culture, you are perfectly right in the course. 

The workshop will combine classroom experience with outdoor activities. You will learn about the history and the culture of soccer in Germany, but don't worry: There will be no boring theories, but rather interesting facts to understand German soccer enthusiasm. 

Of course, we mostly want you to play soccer. There will be soccer practice once a week on a soccer field. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced soccer player. Just come by and enjoy playing and being part of the team. As a matter of fact, we do not want to focus on tactics, we want you to be active, to learn by playing and, most important of all, to have fun! All you have to bring are sports clothes and sports shoes (soccer shoes are of course recommended). 

Are you interested? Then we will be happy to welcome you at the workshop.